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   The Thor piece ('Out of the Mist' here on DA) i did for Vettix Hero's Wish art project is up for bid on ebay right now! Vettix is a nonprofit that raises money for Veterans and soldiers on leave to get free or subsidized tickets for entrainment events to go to with their families.
Its a good cause and im happy to have been asked to contribute!  The auction can be found at…;

Jon Bogdanove, a living legend in the comic book industry, co-creator of Steel, and one of the architects of the Death of Superman from the 90's, has launched his first ever independent comic on kickstarter and he needs everyone's help to make this comic a reality!
Entitled 'Strongman', Jon's kickstarter tells the story of Bronislav 'Bron' Bellman, a depression-era strongman who doubles as a pulp hero. Bron travels the world with his companions in the Strange Bros. Circus, righting wrongs, and defending the downtrodden against all sorts of foes from the criminal, to the supernatural. Tonally, Strongman draws on some of our favorite stories and characters for inspiration. It blends light-hearted action and globe-trotting adventure with vintage pulp crime drama, and gothic, mystical horror.
superhero, supernatural, criminal, this comic looks awesome!
Check out the official page here…
only $45 gets you a completely original (signed!) graphic novel - and there are tons of other great incentives including being featured in the comic yourself! 
As with all kickstarters, if the project is not funded, then you are not charged, so theres no risk in donating, you're essentially just pre-ordering the book - but again, nothing happens unless the whole project is funded.

On a personal level, I know Jon Bogdanove and aside from being a great artist, he really is a great guy, and has helped me out professionally and personally countless times as i've embarked on my own comicbook career.  The high funding amount this kickstarter is asking for is reflective not only of the quality of the work which will be produced, but also of the fact that Jon will need to hire assistants, colourists, letterers etc... and is committed to paying everyone a real living wage - something we should all be in favour of as aspiring - or even successful - commercial artists!

Thanks for your support! Tell everyone you know! Only 6 days left to donate!
SDCC has started and even though im not there yet, the pictures ive seen look great! Ill be sitting the weekend at the Aspen booth (#2321) so come by and say hi! 
In addition to pages from Shrugged and Soulfire, im also bringing two limited edition Wolverine prints to this years con. Signed and numbered, each run is limited to 25 and will only be available at the show! 
Cant wait to see everyone tomorrow!

I am taking pre-show commissions for San Diego this year!  I can only take a limited number so private message me if interested and ill get you on the list.  The past few pieces ive posted on DA are good examples of what the preshow pieces look like.
Hope to see lots of people in San Diego next month!
Finally posted the sketch covers for Shrugged number 1! All told, there were 103 of them that i had to do - a lot of fun (most of the time), drawing on the actual comic is great - and especially for a project like this, where the art is ment to be quick and loose! Mistakes though are pretty frustrating...
each of these took me a little longer to do than maybe would have been ideal, but i like the way most of them came out, and thats most important.  With Cory Smith setting the bar so high on his Shadow Clan covers, i had to make sure mine looked good too! Cant wait to see what all the other artists do with theirs.
I have a few AP covers that ill have at conventions/available for commissions, private message me or email me for details.
Just got back from Megacon in Orlando, and im already planning for the end of the month in Anaheim!  Ill be in VA and TX next weekend for some store signings for 'Shrugged', and then at Wondercon at the end of the month with Aspen.  Cant wait to post some of the new stuff we're getting ready for issue number 4, but in the meantime, here are some commissions from over the weekend.  Hope to see everyone in Anaheim!
Before Christmas i submitted some of my work for consideration in the 'Train Your Brain' competition here on DA, and i was just announced as one of the 10 second place winners!
I could not be more excited to get started on my classes, i've never had any formal art training (outside of high-school classes) so i'm very much looking forward to getting some real technical skills which i can apply to future projects - hopefully my future posts will show a marked improvement!
Thanks very much to everyone who favourited and commented on 'Mandril on Fire', and a HUGE thank you to The Art Department and Deviantart for this opportunity.
Hey 2013, hows it going? Lots of great stuff planned for this year, cant wait for 'Shrugged' to come out in March! Aspen's '10 for 10' Celebration kicks off next month with 'Legend of the Shadowclan' - check it out!
Last week (i think?) the latest issue of Aspen's Soulfire Vol. 4 came out and i was lucky enough to have been asked to contribute two pages to the book.  A ton of fun to draw, the two dragons i designed are part of the creation mythology of the Soulfire universe.  The rest of the book (written by the always excellent J.T.Krull) is penciled and colored by the dynamic due of Mike DeBalfo and Nei Ruffino so go pick up a copy while you can!
Hey everyone, i just submitted a design to's spider-man competition and i need everyone to go to the website and vote for it to win!
Threadless, if you are unfamiliar, is a website where you submit your art to be made into a tshirt, submissions are voted on by the 'community' (ie, anyone who signs up), and after a certain amount of time votes are tallied and if you score high enough your tshirt is made. Fame and fortune, no doubt, ensues. In addition to the regular submissions which are always open, they have specific themed competitions like this one - spider-man! Of course i had to give it a shot.
the link to my design is:…

show some love and vote a 5!! - and tell everyone you know to do the same!

- Jonathan
Happy Halloween everyone! Hope to see some people at the Long Beach Horror and Comic Con this weekend! Ill be at the Aspen booth both days, come by and say hey
As part of their '10 for 10' initiative celebrating their tenth year anniversary, Aspen comics will be releasing the second volume of the much loved 'Shrugged' starting in March, and I could not be more excited to be the lucky guy who gets to draw the pictures!
For those of you who dont know, Shrugged is about a high-school kid named Theo who starts to hear - and is later drawn into the world of - the angel and devil who sit on all of our respective shoulders. Adventures, of course, ensue...
Originally the brain child of the late great Michael Turner and Aspen President Frank Mastromauro (who will also be writing this series), Shrugged is a great fun series (now collected in trade, plug plug) and i cant wait to show you guys whats gonna happen next!
been workin on some projects ill be able to announce soon! thanks for the likes and and views!
Soulfire Search for the Light Despair is out next week! Check it out, and come by the Aspen booth at SDCC July 12 - 15 and say hey!
And I'm back!
Spent the past month working on pages for one of Aspen Comics "Soulfire: Search for the Light" books out in July- a lot of fun and i cant wait to see it!
Soulfire was conceived of and by started by the late great Michael Turner, and its an absolute honor and privilege to get to work on a story began by one of my personal favourite artists.
Back on Deviantart, been on a little hiatus working on some cool projects. I'll be updating regularly now!
Finally got a deviantart page!
...'bout time...
My name is Jonathan and i am a freelance illustrator currently working out of southern California.  
Thank you to everyone who is reading this and looking at my work - i very much welcome your critiques and criticism (and kind words too of course)!